Our first year as Forewinds

Our first year as Forewinds

As 2021 draws to a close we have been thinking a lot about our first year in business and all the ‘firsts’ we have experienced. Our first time designing a website. Our first time running an e-commerce store. Our first time dealing with suppliers. Our first time taking and editing product photos...so many firsts but so much fun.

We have been thrilled to get to know so many of you. Each and every one of you who has followed, liked, shared, saved and purchased from us. We value your feedback and we hope to meet more of you in person in 2022 as we plan some exciting new ventures.

We began Forewinds to ensure kiwi women feel confident in their golf clothing. We believe how you look can affect the way you feel, and your enjoyment of the game. We’re super proud of what we‘ve achieved in our first year and excited for what we have planned in 2022. Thank you for your amazing support.

Let’s hope Santa delivers blue skies and smooth greens.

Merry Christmas and Happy Golfing.

Harriet and Liz

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