Our packaging footprint - plastic free July

Our packaging footprint - plastic free July

As part of Plastic Free July, we want to share with you our packaging footprint and some of the steps we are taking to reduce waste, both at Forewinds, and at home. 

Since the first days of Forewinds (is that really only a year ago!?) minimising the waste we create has been one of our key priorities. For us, this means prioritising suppliers who share this value and asking them about their practices before working with them. 

For example, our golf socks are knitted in Auckland and sent to us in cardboard boxes with no plastic bags or unnecessary packaging. The same goes for our sunsleeves which come over from Australia.

All of our merino clothing is made in Christchurch and we transport this ourselves, so no packaging is needed.

When it arrives at Forewinds' HQ we store it on hangers and shelves, again packaging free.

As a customer, you tend to only see the end product that arrives in your mailbox. So we want to make sure you know sustainability is a priority in all areas of our business. 

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