Our story

Our story

Liz here, co-founder of Forewinds - 

When I was 12 years old I picked up one of my mother’s seven irons, a handful of balls and headed out to the paddock behind the house. I can still recall that feeling of contact when that white little ball rose, arched and flew. I was totally hooked.

Fast forward forty three years and I’m still under the same spell. It’s no secret golf brings out the very best and the very worst. The tease of the next shot; no matter how badly the previous drive, putt or round has gone, the enticement of ‘next time’ is every golfer’s addiction

Feeling your best, playing the game you love is what Forewinds understands. We provide New Zealand designed and manufactured alternatives using natural land based products that create a sustainable future for all.

We're currently developing a range of products specifically to respond to feedback from New Zealand players. Be the first to know when we launch by signing up to our newsletter below or follow along our journey on Facebook or Instagram.  

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