Reducing waste at home - tips & ideas

Reducing waste at home - tips & ideas

As part of Plastic Free July, we want to share with you our packaging footprint and some of the steps we are taking to reduce waste, both at Forewinds, and at home.

Our personal values are intrinsically linked to the way we run Forewinds. In our last blog, we shared some of the ways we reduce waste in our business.

We'd also like to share some of the ways we've been reducing waste at home this month. Hopefully this can give you some ideas to try out at your place too!

Liz & Harriet

Have a look in the fridge

It sounds simple but getting creative and using what you already have is a great way to reduce food waste.

For Liz, this means finding ways to eat all the produce from her garden!

Refilling at bulk bins

Using bulk bins is a great way to avoid packaging waste as you reuse containers you already have.

Don't forget to label them - no one wants salt instead of sugar in their baking!

Reusable cups

When it's cold and rainy, a hot drink can be such a comfort. It's a pity most takeaway cups are not recyclable.

To avoid being caught without our reusable cups we keep one in the car and another in our handbag. 

Using a compost bin

Composting is a great way to get something for nothing for your garden! You can also pop your Forewinds mailer in there once you're finished with it.

Click here for more info about setting up a compost bin.  

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