Spring Golf Essentials

Spring Golf Essentials

Can it really nearly be September? Here at Forewinds, we’re based in Wellington and Christchurch and we can honestly say.... we’re very happy to wave winter goodbye.

It’s been long, it’s been wet and it’s been bitterly cold. Not at all conducive to golf. But, the good news is, there does appear to be a hint of spring in the air, which is fantastic news and time to get ready to play.

Here are a couple of reminders as things start to warm up:

Check your golf gear
Are you still using all those clubs in your bag? Do any need culling? How’s the wear on your grips, do these need replacing?

Now is a great time to clean out all those golf bag pockets, old score cards, blunt pencils, lolly wrappers (mine can be a bit like the lunchbox at the bottom of the school bag!).

Check your golf clothing
In our last blog we talked about how what we wear directly influences our thoughts and behaviours. It's worth considering, are your favourite golf polos still your favourite? Is your golf skort still comfortable and making you feel your best on the course? 

Check, are your sunsleeves, cap and sunscreen in your bag, spring can be warm and you want to make sure you have these available when the sun comes out.

Do you need any new items? Would your golf shoes benefit from another waterproof coating after the winter weather?

If you need to refresh any of your wardrobe then make sure to check out our Spring golf essentials.

Your Short Game
Has this been on your mind over winter? Would you benefit from a lesson or two? This would certainly help with your practice sessions, given that you will know what to work on, which will benefit your overall game.

Check in with your club to see who is available for some coaching. If you’re down Otago way then we would absolutely recommend you get in touch with Janie Reese at Kiss My Putt Golf Mentoring.

Other courses
If your club’s membership includes reciprocal rights at other courses, have you used them? It’s always great to play somewhere new. Also, keep an eye on ‘grab-one’, as they often have wonderful golf deals at a range of courses nationwide.

Happy Golfing

Liz & Harriet 

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