Why it matters

Why it matters

Inherent in golf is being outside and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of nature. It’s easy to see why we need to protect our planet when we’re immersed in and enjoying our natural environment.

To say we’re worried about the changes to our planet is an understatement and from the very first days of Forewinds we’ve known we need to embed sustainable practices into every aspect of our business. Having this as our starting point has made some business decisions much easier and using home compostable packaging has been an absolute no-brainer.

Our Forewinds products are sent to you in courier bags which are made from a mixture of cornstarch and other biodegradable materials. Cornstarch in particular is a renewable and sustainable resource as it can be grown and harvested in one season. The ink on these bags is soy based and non-toxic so it’s safe to break down in your compost bin.

Forewinds compostable packaging

We also take care to wrap your purchases in tissue paper to protect it during its journey to you. This tissue paper is also biodegradable and compostable so you can pop it in the compost bin alongside your courier bag.

So once you’ve ripped open your exciting new delivery, here are some options for what to do with the packaging:

  • You can turn the courier bag inside out and reuse it next time you need to send something by post.
  • You can reuse the tissue paper next time you're wrapping a present to give it some extra excitement. 
  • You can throw both the courier bag and the tissue paper into your home compost bin. To help it along the best thing to do is to rip or cut the packaging into small pieces (2cm is best) so it can be distributed more easily in your compost bin.
  • If you don’t have a compost bin at home, you can ask around your friends and neighbours and see if they have one you can put it in.
It’s unlikely that your compostable packing will breakdown in a landfill because it is too dry and there isn’t enough oxygen. So if you don’t have a compost bin then now might be a good time to think about setting one up.

Both of our co-founders Liz and Harriet have compost bins at home and have found it a really easy way to reduce our environmental impact. We’ll have another blog post coming soon where we’ll share how to set one up (it’s easy!).

Happy golfing

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