Tuesday Tee Tip

Tuesday Tee Tip

Tuesday Tee Tip with Janie Reese from Kiss My Putt - Golf mentoring đź’‹

Janie says: "I'm not a fan of slow play and we all know players who are soooooo slow that sometimes it just drives us nuts! Don't be that person… Here are a few tips to quicken up play.

  • Be ready to hit with ball and tee in hand (and club of course!).
  • Mark your card AFTER your shot if you are the first or second person to hit off.
  • The minute the ball is in the air (and hopefully it is!), the next player should be beside the teeing area again with their ball and tee in hand ready to go.
  • Limit practice swings. If you can't change your routine, then maximum 1 practice swing.
  • Watch other players tee shots (just in case it's a wild one).
  • Hit a provisional if you think you might not find your ball or could be out of bounds.
  • While it's someone else's turn, figure out the distance so you're ready to play.
  • Place your bag in a spot near the walk to the next tee.
  • If you find your group has lost a fairway, putt out in 2s to quicken things up.
  • On the greens, line up your putt while others are putting.

But most importantly don't rush over your shots, breathe and enjoy each shot."

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