The cats and dogs of golf

The cats and dogs of golf

Just like the age old debate on what four legged friend is superior, there are those of us who have a golf addiction and there are those who do not.

And if the game was explained to me with no knowledge or experience of having played, I too would fall to the latter. But (and yes there is a but), it’s just not that simple. There are many reasons to explain the fascination and allure of golf.

To our not yet converted friends, golf can look meaningless. In the very simplest of terms, we golfers hit a ball, walk after said ball, and then hit it again and again and again. How can that be difficult yet alone interesting? Let me explain. First of all, hitting that ball where you want it to go, takes a whole lot of skill. That ball can have a mind of its own and if there is a tree within hitting distance, you can be sure it will beckon your ball, just like a school teacher might. But beyond this, golf is a very complex and thought-provoking game. You have no one else to blame when that ball goes AWOL, but when it goes right, oh my golly the sensation! All memory of the previous bunker, water hazard and lost ball simply fades away and is replaced by a surge of delight seeping into every pore. And this dear non-golfers, is what keeps you coming back for more and more.

Golf is a game that embraces mediocrity and I say that with love. Unlike our team sports where we are divided into similar talent pools, golf can be played no matter the level. And that’s the beauty because where does it say you have to be great at something in order to love it? With the handicap system we compete against anyone no matter their skill. When you think about this, it’s quite a unique concept in the world of sport.

There are currently 384 golf courses in Aotearoa and almost 250,000 Kiwi adults play golf each year, making golf the highest participation sport in the country. So it’s probably a good thing to keep the dog and cat lovers separate for now, as it will leave a lot more tee-times for us addicts.

Happy golfing

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