Mastering Quick Golf: How to Have an Efficient and Enjoyable Round

Mastering Quick Golf: How to Have an Efficient and Enjoyable Round

Playing a round of golf can be a great way to spend your day, but sometimes we are pressed for time and are squeezing in a round amongst other things!

Here's our guide for playing efficient and quick golf, while still enjoying your time on the course. 

Plan Ahead

  • Think about your tee-time selection: If you opt for tee times during less busy periods you'll minimise the amount of waiting time you have at each hole.
  • Pre-game preparations: Arrive early, warm up, and have your equipment ready to go before teeing off. Being prepared and ready to go will mean you can tee off on time. 

a woman looking through a range finder on the golf course wearing a petal pink long sleeve top and navy bucket hat

Strategize Your Shots

  • Course management: Get familiar with the layout of the course by looking at the course maps and plan your shots accordingly. By identify potential trouble spots you can aim for safer, more accessible areas which will help you keep play moving.
  • Shot selection: Assess the situation and choose the most appropriate club and shot type to minimize strokes and maximize accuracy. Opting for a higher-percentage of shots that suit your abilities rather than risky shots will give you more consistent results and less time looking for your ball! 

Keep the Pace

  • Ready golf: Encourage a "ready golf" mindset among your playing group. Hit your shot when you are ready, rather than strictly adhering to the traditional player order.
  • Be decisive: Avoid prolonged decision-making processes. Trust your instincts and make confident shot selections.
  • Set up efficient routines: Develop a consistent and streamlined pre-shot routine to minimize time spent on each shot.

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Play Smart in Challenging Situations

  • Lost balls: Limit time spent searching for lost balls by promptly playing provisional shots or using distance markers to estimate positions.
  • Bunker play: Simplify your bunker shots by aiming for the center of the green and focusing on getting out with a safe shot rather than attempting risky plays.
  • Putting efficiency: Develop a smooth putting routine and focus on your alignment and read to reduce the time spent on the green.

Be Considerate of Others

  • Awareness of pace: Stay mindful of the groups ahead and behind you. If you are lagging behind, let faster groups play through to maintain a smooth flow of play.
  • Courtesy on the green: Avoid unnecessary delays on the green. Line up your putt while others are putting, and be prepared to putt as soon as it's your turn.

Playing quick golf doesn't have to mean rushing through your round or sacrificing the enjoyment of the game. By have effective strategies, planning ahead, and maintaining a considerate approach towards fellow golfers, you can play efficiently while still savoring the experience.

Remember, golf is about both skill and sportsmanship. So, put these tips into practice and enjoy your expedited rounds while staying true to the spirit of the game.

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